Fostering cooperation between two systems

“The EU Directive 2012/29 states this principle “a crime is not only a wrong to society, but also a violation of the individual rights of victims”.

The implementation of restorative justice paths can help both the victims and the offenders in rebuilding their social connections. However, restorative justice doesn’t represent yet a founding concept of the European justice system because Member States apply different approaches to its introduction. 

Thus, the EU Commission asks to increase cooperation among justice practitioners not only to better share tools, methodologies and good practices but also to joint search for effective solutions to common problems.

Building a peer-learning community


The main goal of PROTECT is to promote the victims’ rights protection (i.e. fostering victims’ social inclusion) through the implementation of restorative practices paths. In doing this, the project intends to improve the skills and competences of the trainers/operators of partners’ organizations working in the field of the restorative justice and of the support to the victims of crime.
This objective will be pursued through the creation of a “peer-learning community”, among some of the EU countries having effectively implemented the Directive, where partners can actively exchange knowledge, develop common training methodologies, foster professional competences and discuss problematic issues.